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اختر من بين أفضل المتداولين وحوِّل نصائحهم إلى صفقاتٍ حقيقية فورًا.

1# DJXCapital $387K 1144
2# ragusma88 $97 22
3# Torus002 $2K 49
4# superfx10 $33K 133
5# chunyffs333 $2M 3219
7# TradeTodayco $88K 346
8# jacktheghost $677 12

أفضل المتداولين

الأداء المجمع لأفضل 5 متداولين $932,311 (120960.3 نقطة).

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Investors Select The Traders to Copy

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Trades Are Copied Automatically

When a trader makes a trade, it is copied instantly by copiers. It is easy to use, there are very good traders and you do not need a lot of time to manage your account. You can check the live performance of the trades and enjoy the passive income.